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Modifying shapes in PowerPoint
from deck Training Services Offer (PPT Template)

Modifying shapes in PowerPoint

Slide Content

This PowerPoint slide demonstrates the flexibility of slide elements with an emphasis on the customization of shapes. It introduces the concept of "Fully editable shapes", showing that text can be changed, icons replaced, colors adapted to brand guidelines, and elements reshaped and resized, to tailor the shapes for specific presentation needs. This is represented by two sets of jigsaw puzzle pieces, labeled with phases and stages, illustrating how individual pieces of a presentation can be modified and interlocked to form a cohesive whole.

Graphical Look

  • The slide background is white, providing a clean and neutral canvas for the content.
  • The title "Modifying shapes in PowerPoint" is prominently displayed at the top in bold dark blue text.
  • On the left side, there is a series of three interconnected jigsaw puzzle pieces in shades of blue, each piece labeled with a number and the corresponding phase name beneath it.
  • Below this first set, a grey arrow points to another similar set of puzzle pieces, but these are in different colors (yellow, blue, red) and are labeled alphabetically (A, B, C) to represent stages.
  • On the right side, a sidebar titled "Fully editable shapes" contains a bulleted list of editing capabilities.
  • Beneath this sidebar, a grey, circular flow chart graphic with resizing handlers exemplifies visual editing tools.
  • The entire slide utilizes a mix of flat design for the text and three-dimensional rendering for the puzzle pieces, which adds depth and focus.

The slide has a balanced design, with a visual metaphor on the left and explanatory text on the right, creating a harmonious and clear presentation of content. Its design is professional, straightforward, and utilizes color and shape to effectively communicate the editable nature of PowerPoint shapes.

Use Cases

  • Demonstrating the versatility of PowerPoint in a workshop on advanced presentation skills.
  • Pitching a customizable product or service to a client, highlighting adaptability as a key feature.
  • Providing a visual guide for an employee training session on how to customize company presentations.
  • Introducing new brand guidelines to a design team, emphasizing the need for consistent, yet flexible, visual elements in corporate communication.

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