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Icons Set: Status, Approve, Check List, Graph, Indicator, Security, Shield
from deck Internet of Things Presentation Diagrams (PPT Template)

Flat Icons Set - Status, Finance

Slide Content

The PowerPoint slide offers a variety of icons related to status and finance. These include symbols for confirmation and denial (yes/no, check, and cross signs), social approval (thumbs up/down), procedural steps (approve, disapprove), workflow organization (checklist), performance and progress evaluation (data analysis, graph), time management (stopwatch), metrics and monitoring (indicator), as well as security elements (security, lock, shield). Each icon provides a quick visual representation of the respective concept, like the thumbs up/down signifies approval or disapproval, and the shield symbolizes protection or security.

Graphical Look

  • The slide has a clean, flat design with a white background.
  • Two columns are used to separate the icons: monochrome on the left and colorful on the right.
  • Icons on the left are in shades of grey, implying standard or default options.
  • Icons on the right are highlighted with bold colors like teal, orange, and green, drawing attention.
  • There is a dark teal header at the top right, contrasting with the white background.
  • The most significant icon is a shield placed in a circle, prominently displayed at the bottom right.
  • All the icons are stylized and minimalist, with a contemporary flat design aesthetic.

The overall look of the slide is modern and professional, with an emphasis on clarity and easy-to-interpret visuals. Colors are used strategically to direct focus and create a visual hierarchy.

Use Cases

  • Highlighting key features or benefits in a business proposal or executive summary.
  • Enhancing sections of a report or presentation with visual elements to depict status updates or financial concepts.
  • Creating infographics for social media or blog posts related to business, finance, or security topics.
  • Integrating into educational materials to visually explain concepts associated with decision-making, time management, or security measures.

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