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Icons: Event Colors, Deadlines Signs
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Icons: Event Colors, Deadlines Signs

Slide Content

The slide introduces icons that can be used to signify event colors and deadline signs, with a tagline indicating they are "Fully editable." There are six map-pin icons in blue, hollow blue, blue with a star, yellow, red, and red with a star, each corresponding to a project identified by different colors and numbers or letters: Project 1 (blue), Project 2 (orange), Project 3 (red), Project 4 (green), Project 5 (light blue), Project 6 (dark orange), Project 7 (dark red), Project 8 (dark green), with cross-striped variants Project A (blue), Project B (orange), Project C (red), Project D (green). These icon-color combinations help to visually categorize projects.

Graphical Look

  • Slide background is white.
  • The title "Icons: Event Colors, Deadlines Signs" is at the top in dark text.
  • A blue ribbon banner stating "Fully editable" overlays the top left corner of the slide.
  • A lighter blue horizontal line runs across the slide, indicating editability with the words "Editable filling, shadow, text..." near the right end.
  • Map-pin icons are displayed in two rows with three on top and three on the bottom. Each icon has a different color and some feature a star inside.
  • Rectangular color swatches are aligned in two rows beneath the icons, each labeled with the project number or letter in white text.
  • The color swatches are solid, light shaded, or cross-striped to signify different projects or statuses.

The overall look of the slide is clean and modern, with good use of white space and color-coding that clearly separates elements and demonstrates their potential applications visually.

Use Cases

  • To categorize and present the status of different projects during a business or project management meeting.
  • As part of a planning session where timelines and deliverables are being discussed using visual aids for clarity.
  • In a training environment to educate team members on the project tracking system and how to read status indicators.
  • To enhance a project portfolio dashboard by visually differentiating projects, events, or deadlines for immediate recognition and analysis.

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