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Icons: Calendar Hand-drawn Markers

Slide Content

The slide presents a collection of hand-drawn marker icons designed to represent different annotations or highlights in a calendar context. These marker icons are noted to be fully editable, suggesting that users can customize the filling, shadow, and outline features of each icon. This level of customization allows for the tailored use of these markers in various presentation scenarios, offering a personal touch to emphasize particular dates or events effectively.

Graphical Look

  • The slide background is white.
  • Top-left corner features a teal hexagon with a cut corner containing the slide title in white text.
  • Below the title is a teal ribbon banner with "Fully editable" text in white.
  • To the right, a line of text describes the icons as having editable features, such as filling, shadow, and outline.
  • Five oval-shaped hand-drawn marker icons are displayed across the center of the slide.
  • Three large icons are painted in a single shade of blue with different stroke weights.
  • Beneath them, smaller icons are presented in teal, green, and purple, each with a unique shadow to denote editability.

The slide has a clean and minimalistic design, focusing on showcasing the hand-drawn style of the icons. The use of colors is mainly restricted to different shades of blue, teal, green, and purple to keep a consistent and professional aesthetic.

Use Cases

  • In project management presentations to highlight key dates and milestones on a timeline or calendar.
  • In marketing plans to emphasize promotional periods or important campaign launch dates.
  • In educational settings to mark important exam or assignment due dates in a syllabus presentation.
  • In personal or team planning workshops to identify individual tasks or activities by annotating dates visually.

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