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How to use & edit these CX Metrics PPT graphics
from deck Customer Experience Metrics Diagrams (PPT Template)

How to use & edit these CX Metrics PPT graphics

Slide Content

The PowerPoint slide seems to be intended as a guide for the utilization and modification of Customer Experience (CX) Metrics visuals within a presentation. It likely demonstrates how to personalize and apply specific CX metrics graphics to enhance the presentation efficiency and convey important customer experience data effectively.

Graphical Look

  • The slide features a dominant large blue banner with a ribbon-like tail that runs horizontally across the slide.
  • The background is an off-white plain color, providing a neutral canvas behind the vibrant blue banner.
  • The banner has a folded look, creating a sense of depth and focus towards the title text.
  • The title text, "How to use & edit these CX Metrics PPT graphics", is written in a large, bold, white font, centrally aligned on the blue banner.

The visual composition utilizes contrasting colors and a simple folded banner design to draw attention to the title of the slide, indicating it is a header or topic introduction slide.

Use Cases

  • In a workshop or seminar focused on teaching presentation skills, particularly in the context of customer experience reporting.
  • During an internal meeting where team members are learning to standardize their presentation formats to reflect CX metrics.
  • As the introductory slide in a webinar series on effective data visualization for customer experience professionals.
  • When training new employees on company-specific procedures for modifying and presenting customer experience metrics.

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