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Editing flat icons & shapes in PowerPoint
from deck Survey Report Presentation Graphics (PPT Template)

Editing Flat Icons & Shapes in PowerPoint

Slide Content

The slide is aimed at teaching users how to edit flat icons and shapes in PowerPoint. Emphasizing ease of customization, it specifically instructs on changing the fill color of icons. Accompanied by an illustrative image of the color selection panel, the slide visually suggests that an extensive palette is available to users, enabling them to tailor the look of icons as needed.

Graphical Look

  • The slide background is predominantly white providing a clean space for the contents.
  • The title is at the top in large, bold text and is the first element that catches the eye.
  • A text box with rounded corners and a grey background sits in the lower left, containing the instruction text in a smaller, white font.
  • To the right of the text box, an enlarged illustration of the PowerPoint 'Shape Fill' dropdown menu displays a range of colors under 'Theme Colors,' 'Standard Colors,' and 'Recent Colors.'
  • An arrow shape points from the text box to the illustration, indicating a connection between the instruction text and the depicted color options.
  • Three flat icon silhouettes representing user profiles are shown to the right; two in a before state in blue-gray, and one in an after state in orange, demonstrating the fill color change.

The slide has a minimalistic design focused on instruction clarity. The use of icons and a screenshot of the PowerPoint menu creates a visual guide that complements the textual instruction.

Use Cases

  • Demonstrating editing techniques during a PowerPoint training session.
  • Introducing new team members to standard company presentation formatting.
  • Providing a quick reference for best practices in visual design during a workshop.
  • Enhancing communication efficiency by teaching visual customization in team meetings or a corporate guidebook.

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