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House – interior setup
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House – interior setup

Slide Content

This PowerPoint slide is intended to showcase the interior setup of a house. Two stylized house illustrations are presented. The first house appears in a monochromatic color scheme, suggesting a blueprint or an unfinished design stage. The second house is depicted with vibrant colors in each section, perhaps indicating different rooms or areas, which serves as a more finalized or idealistic representation of an interior design concept.

Graphical Look

  • A large header in dark blue text aligned to the left stating the slide title "House – interior setup".
  • A subtitle in a dark rectangular banner on the top right corner, stating "Fully editable".
  • Two simplified, diagrammatic illustrations of houses side by side.
  • The left house consists of basic filled shapes in shades of green, creating a two-dimensional representation.
  • The right house is composed of bright colored sections—purple roof, blue upper level, orange ground level, and a small grey area, likely representing a garage.

The slide has a clean and modern appearance, using a flat design style for the graphics. It presents visual contrasts between a plain, monochromatic house and a colorful, detailed counterpart.

Use Cases

  • Presenting renovation plans and showing before-and-after design changes.
  • Illustrating a step-by-step guide to interior decorating or space planning.
  • Comparing empty room layouts to furnished room concepts in a real estate sales presentation.
  • Introducing new housing models in architectural or interior design pitches to clients.

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