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Hedgehog Concept Definition

Slide Content

The slide introduces the Hedgehog Concept, which calls on companies to identify their core value proposition and focus on it, suggesting that without this focus, organizations may suffer from a lack of focus, competency, and efficiency. This concept implies that companies are more likely to succeed if they concentrate on what they do best, an idea supported by Jim Collins in his book "Good to Great."

Graphical Look

  • The slide has a white background with a large title at the top in dark text.
  • A horizontal blue bar underlines the title for emphasis.
  • There is a large circular shape with a teal background to the right of the slide.
  • Inside the circle is a white speech bubble icon, representing the concept of communication or ideas.
  • The main content is text, justified on the left side of the slide, with the heading in a bold font and the descriptive text in a standard font.
  • A citation in quotations is provided, italicized for emphasis, at the bottom of the text area.

The overall look of the slide is clean and professional with a simple color scheme. The speech bubble icon adds a graphical element that is related to communication and ideas, reinforcing the slide's focus on a strategic concept.

Use Cases

  • Presenting strategic business concepts during executive meetings or workshops.
  • Introducing core philosophies or values in company onboarding sessions.
  • Discussing focus and efficiency in business strategy sessions.
  • Explaining the importance of specializing in core competencies during management training.

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