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UX Heart Framework Template
from deck StartUp Metrics Pirate AARRR Funnels (PPT Template)

UX Heart Framework Template content

Illustrative UX heart framework template with text boxes and representative icons. To determine your users’ happiness, make satisfaction surveys, and check the ratings, reviews, and NPS (Net Promoter Score) metrics. Engagement – see how often the users return and what the visits per user, the session length, and actions executed. In the adoption process, convert the first-time user to a regular one, and see the number of new and returning users. As of the retention phase, churn the rate measurement and reasons surveys. Lastly, to estimate your task success, see if the users can achieve their goal or task quickly and easily, and measure the time and count of completed tasks. These are some basic directions to prepare your information in a simple and readable way, without overwhelming your audience with too much information. You can edit the elements without losing any quality and write your own descriptions. The slide is compatible with Google Slides and Keynote too. Click on the picture to see more slide design ideas.

UX Heart Framework Template infographics

Heart Framework Diagram, Color Coding, Bullet Points, Arrow Vector, Flat Style Outline Icons, Flat Circle with Letters, Smiley Face Icon, Speech Bubble Icon, Man with a Heart Icon, Retention Icon, Stars Icon

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