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Quotation Hand-drawn Shapes and Bubbles

Slide Content

The slide depicts a collection of hand-drawn shapes and bubbles, categorized as "Quotation Hand-drawn Shapes and Bubbles" and labeled "Fully editable icons." These elements are intended as visual tools for highlighting text or quotes within a presentation. There are eight shapes total, varying in form from simple strokes and circles to cloud-like and speech bubble designs, each one potentially representing a different style of quoting or emphasizing text.

Graphical Look

  • A variety of colorful, hand-drawn shapes and speech bubbles are distributed across the slide.
  • The shapes include a solid square, an oval, two lines, and four speech bubble-like shapes with different cloud-like silhouettes.
  • Colors of the shapes range from dark purple and burgundy to orange, pale yellow, white, and green.
  • Each shape has a textured, scribbled fill, adding to the hand-drawn aesthetic.
  • The larger shapes are at the top and left side, while smaller elements are situated on the right.

The overall look of the slide is playful and informal, with a creative and artistic vibe. The hand-drawn textures suggest a personal touch and emphasize individuality.

Use Cases

  • To highlight quotes or important statements in a creative presentation.
  • For displaying testimonials or user feedback in marketing or sales slides.
  • In educational settings, to showcase key facts or quotes from literature.
  • During team meetings, to emphasize certain thoughts or ideas from team members.

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