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Hand-drawn chart markers: brackets, arrows, rectangles
from deck Orbit Diagram Infographics (PPT Template)

Hand-drawn Chart Markers

Slide Content

The slide titled "Hand-drawn Chart Markers" showcases a variety of sketch-like shapes designed to highlight, underline, or encircle data in presentations. It includes hand-drawn brackets, arrows, and rectangles with a stylistic emphasis on a sketchy, informal look. Each sketch element is meant to bring attention to specific areas in a slide: brackets to enclose items, arrows to indicate direction or connection, and rectangles to highlight information.

Graphical Look

  • The slide background is split diagonally with light blue on the top left and dark blue on the bottom right.
  • On the left side, there's a collection of sketch-style graphics including:
  • Two rectangles, one with rounded corners.
  • A set of ovals with varying orientations.
  • A series of arrows pointing in different directions, some curved and some straight.
  • One larger highlighter marker shape.
  • On the right side, three small, colored ovals appear, each enclosed by a circle.
  • A single larger circle highlights one of the ovals.
  • Text blocks indicating "Fully editable icons" and "More icons available. Check our website" reside on the right side.

The overall look is minimalist and modern, with a creative flair given by the hand-drawn effect of the graphics. The color scheme is simple and professional with a playful touch provided by the colorful, encircled ovals.

Use Cases

  • To add a personal, creative touch to a formal business presentation.
  • When highlighting important data points or statistics in a slide to draw the audience's attention.
  • In educational or workshop presentations to mark sections of content for discussion or focus.
  • For making interactive slides where participants can visually connect different elements during a presentation.

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