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Roadmap diagram illustrated with plant growth icons
from deck Business Growth & Development Template (PPT diagrams)

Roadmap Growth Stages Chart

Slide Content:

The slide illustrates a four-stage growth roadmap, depicting the development process of an idea into a tangible product. The first stage, "Idea," signifies the conceptualization phase. "02 – Development" represents the phase where the idea is turned into a workable plan or prototype. "03 – Review" is the critical assessment stage, where the plan or prototype is tested and refined. The final stage, "04 – Product," symbolizes the completion and launch of the final product into the market.

Graphical Look:

  • A brown curvy pathway that represents the roadmap, connecting four stages with green circular nodes.
  • Each node has a green leaf icon and a number from 1 to 4, symbolizing the growth and sequential order of the stages.
  • Next to each node, there is a green text box for adding descriptions, with the stage name in bold.
  • The nodes are sequentially connected by the curvy path, which gives a sense of progression.

The design is clean, with a natural color palette that enhances the growth theme of the roadmap. The curvy path adds a dynamic feel, guiding the viewer's eye through the stages of development.

Use Cases:

  • In a strategic business presentation to illustrate the phases of product development.
  • During a project kickoff meeting to define the project lifecycle stages.
  • In an educational setting to explain the process of bringing an idea to market.
  • As a progress tracker in project status updates to stakeholders.

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