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Growing value comparison chess diagram with flat icons
from deck Chess Pieces Graphics (PPT Template)

Growing Value Comparison Chess Pieces Diagram

Slide Content

The slide is a Growing Value Comparison Chess Pieces Diagram, illustrating a metaphorical comparison of values or importance using chess pieces. Each chess piece, from the pawn to the king, progressively increases in size and is associated with a unique color. There are six headers, each corresponding to a chess piece: Header 1 for a Pawn, Header 2 for a Knight, Header 3 for a Bishop, Header 4 for a Rook, Header 5 for a Queen, and Header 6 for a King. The Pawn, representing the least value or starting point, leads up to the King, signifying the highest value or ultimate goal.

Graphical Look

  • The slide uses a clean, flat design aesthetic.
  • Each chess piece is represented with a stylized, colored icon.
  • The icons grow in size from left to right, showing an increase in value or importance.
  • Colors used for the chess pieces vary, starting with blue and moving through purples, greens, to a vibrant orange and ending with green.
  • Every icon rests on a grey horizontal bar that has a 3D look due to a subtle shadow effect.
  • The titles and descriptions for each chess piece are neatly positioned below their respective icons.
  • The font used for the headers and text is a modern, sans-serif typeface.

The slide has a professional and modern visual appeal that clearly represents a hierarchy or progression. The use of chess icons adds a strategy or competition theme to the information being presented.

Use Cases

  • To illustrate a step-by-step progression of concepts or business strategies in a presentation.
  • To show a comparative analysis of products, services, or features during a marketing or sales meeting.
  • To represent organizational structure and rank in a company introduction or an HR presentation.
  • To visually convey different priority levels or stages of development in project management updates.

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