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from deck Industry icons: Production, Construction, Transportation (flat PPT clipart)


Slide Content

The slide titled "Goods" depicts various categories of consumer products. It lists four types of goods: Computer/Electronics, which suggests technology products like computers and gadgets; Household goods/Home appliance, indicating items used in domestic settings; Pharmacy/Medicament, referring to health-related products available at pharmacies; and Garment/Clothing, denoting wearables and fashion items. Each category is supplemented with an icon representing its respective market segment, conveying the types of products falling under each classification.

Graphical Look

  • The background of the slide is a gradient from pale blue at the top to white at the bottom.
  • The slide title "Goods" is placed at the top in dark blue, large font.
  • Four circular icons with pictograms are evenly spaced across the slide, each on a dark blue background.
  • The first icon depicts a desktop computer monitor — symbolizing Computer/Electronics.
  • The second icon shows a washing machine — symbolizing Household goods/Home appliance.
  • The third icon has a medical cross — representing Pharmacy/Medicament.
  • The fourth icon displays a hanger and dress — indicating Garment/Clothing.
  • Below the main icons, there is a row showing icons in two different color variations - one row set against a dark background, one row in color for a light background.
  • The icons for dark backgrounds are white, whereas the icons for light backgrounds are coloured orange and blue.
  • Text at the bottom indicates that these icons are fully editable and can automatically adjust to color schemes.

The slide presents a clean and professional design with a focus on visual simplicity. The use of icons within colored circles allows for quick recognition of each category, and the two-tone color scheme maintains a consistent and corporate aesthetic.

Use Cases

  • Presenting product categories in retail or e-commerce business presentations.
  • Demonstrating the range of goods for a department store or supermarket chain during a stakeholder meeting.
  • Illustr ing company product lines in investor briefings to show diversity and scope.
  • Using in marketing materials to quickly convey the type of products a company offers.

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