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Flat Style Icons Set – ScaleUp Company History
from deck ScaleUp Company History Timeline (PPT Template)

Flat Style Icons Set – ScaleUp Company History

Slide Content

This PowerPoint slide presents a collection of icons representing different aspects of a company's history and development stages. The visual metaphors included are Idea (symbolizing the conception or inception of ideas), Innovation, Lightbulb (commonly suggesting invention and discovery), Rocket (implying rapid growth or launch), Launch, Kick-off (denoting the start of an initiative), Pin (perhaps for marking important information or locations), Goal, Strategy (planning or tactics), Chess Piece (indicating strategic moves or important decisions), Checklist (for organization and tasks), Documents, Stakeholders (individuals or groups with an interest in the company), Team, Handshake (representing agreements or partnerships), Deal, Product, Box (could mean packaging or product delivery), Income, Investment, Money, Payment, Revenue, Award (for recognition of achievements), Cup (also a symbol for winning or success), Growing Plant (symbolizing growth or development), Growth, and Blossoming (indicating flourishing or reaching potential).

Graphical Look

  • A series of flat style icons are arranged in three horizontal rows.
  • Each icon is monochromatically colored in dark grey, except for the lightbulb icon, which is also displayed in green and yellow versions at the top right, and one is highlighted within a light blue circle at the bottom.
  • The icons are simple, with minimal detail, emphasizing clarity and easy recognition.
  • A dark blue banner spans the top of the slide, contrasting with the lighter blue background of the slide's main area.
  • The title is placed within the dark blue banner in white text, which creates a clear hierarchy and focus.
  • An additional smaller text box is located at the bottom center with a light blue background and dark text, providing further information with a hyperlink.

The slide's overall look is clean and professional, with a focus on iconography to communicate concepts visually. The color scheme is subdued, with strategic use of color highlighting to draw attention to important elements.

Use Cases

  • To visually represent different stages or elements in a business timeline or history during presentations.
  • For illustrating topics in training sessions that detail various aspects of company development or business processes.
  • As a visual aid to discuss corporate strategy, milestones, or achievements in board meetings or investor briefings.
  • In marketing materials to showcase a company's strengths, services, or products' lifecycle stages.

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