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Flat icons set: product, creative process, plan, design, art project
from deck Gantt Chart Graphics for Project Planning (PPT Template)

Flat Icons Set — Product Creation

Slide Content

The slide is titled "Flat Icons Set — Product Creation" and lists concepts related to the product creation process such as Creative Process, Plan, Design, Art Project, Process Gears, Operation Activity, Thinking Head, Mind, Creativity, Prototyping, Box, Open, Release, Introduce, and Packaging. These concepts are likely associated with relevant icons to provide a visual representation for each aspect of product creation. Creative Process could involve brainstorming and conceptualizing; Plan may refer to strategizing the steps; Design details the aesthetic and functional aspects; Art Project might indicate a creative endeavor; Process Gears could represent the mechanics of the process; Operation Activity involves the actions taken to create the product; Thinking Head and Mind would involve intellectual effort; Creativity reflects innovation; Prototyping is about building a preliminary model; Box, Open, Release, Introduce, and Packaging concern the final stages of presenting the product to the market.

Graphical Look

  • The slide coloring is primarily a dark teal background, transitioning to a lighter shade towards the top.
  • A collection of nine flat-style icons is evenly spaced across the middle of the slide, each representing different aspects of product creation.
  • The first icon from the left is a pencil and ruler crossed, typical symbols for design or drafting.
  • Second, there are three interconnected gears, signifying processes or mechanisms.
  • The third icon shows a hand holding up a gear, which might symbolize operational support or maintenance.
  • A fourth icon represents a human head silhouette with a gear in the brain area, illustrating the concept of thinking or ideation.
  • The central icon depicts a cardboard box, suggesting packaging or product release.
  • Following, there's an icon illustrating a computer monitor with what appears to be a document on it, possibly indicating software or design work.
  • The next icon is a simpler gear symbol, common imagery for settings or machinery.
  • The last icon in the row is a floppy disk, a traditional icon for saving data or laying out plans.
  • To the right, there's a text box with rounded corners containing the words "Fully editable icons" in white, and below it, another text box with the phrase "More icons available. Check our website" with a link.
  • In the bottom right corner, a circular highlight encompasses a gear icon similar to the others but with a teal drop shadow effect, drawing attention to this as an example of icon design.

The slide has a modern and clean look, with a balanced use of iconography and text to convey its message. Icons are used to visualize various stages of product creation, with minimal use of color to maintain an overall professional appearance.

Use Cases

  • To illustrate various stages of product development during a business presentation.
  • In a workshop or seminar focused on product design and innovation, to visually represent key concepts.
  • To enhance pitch presentations to potential investors or stakeholders, providing a snapshot of the project components.
  • In educational settings, such as business or design courses, to support lecture content about the product creation process.

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