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Flat icons set: inspiration, persuasion, empathy, innovation
from deck Gantt Chart Graphics for Project Planning (PPT Template)

Flat Icons Set - Ideation

Slide Content

The slide presents a set of icons related to the process of ideation which includes 'Thoughts exchange' signifying the sharing of ideas between individuals, 'Inspiration' representing the spark of creativity, 'Persuasion' implying the ability to influence others, 'Empathy' reflecting the understanding of another's feelings, 'Idea' denoted by a lightbulb, 'Computer' for technology, 'Laptop', 'Strategy' which is symbolized by chess pieces, suggesting planning and tactics, 'Chess Figure', 'Innovation' indicated by stars, which often represent new, unique, or creative concepts, 'Stars', 'Done Checklist' highlighting task completion, and 'Documentation' suggesting the need for recording information.

Graphical Look

  • The slide background is divided diagonally with a lighter shade on the top half and darker on the bottom half.
  • The top of the slide has a header in white font with a teal underline, emphasizing the phrase "Flat Icons Set - Ideation."
  • There are eight icons evenly distributed across the slide, each paired with a label below it to indicate the concept it represents.
  • Each icon uses simple, flat design aesthetics, and is monochromatic with the exception of three chess piece icons that are colored.
  • The chess icons vary in height and are arranged to create a graduated sequence from left to right.
  • The bottom of the slide features additional information encouraging viewers to check their website, framed by a circular icon and a rectangular text box.

The slide is minimalist and professional, using a flat design approach for icons and employs a clean, organized composition to convey its message.

Use Cases

  • To illustrate the stages or elements involved in the creative process during a brainstorming session.
  • As a visual aid in workshops or seminars focused on idea generation and innovation.
  • To provide visual cues in a presentation discussing project management and strategy development.
  • In educational settings to enhance teaching materials on creative thinking and problem-solving skills.

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