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Flat Icons Set for illustrating survey report template
from deck Survey Report Presentation Graphics (PPT Template)

Flat Icons Set

Slide Content

The slide is titled "Flat Icons Set" and lists various categories for which the icons are applicable: gender, age groups, roles in society and business (such as manager, client, and leader), as well as actions (like talking and speech). Each icon represents a different concept, including female and male gender symbols, figures representing a woman and a man, a managerial role depicted by a figure with gears, educational attainment shown with graduation caps, a group represented by multiple figures, and an elderly person with a cane. There's also an icon of a person at a podium, signifying a leadership or speaking role. These icons serve to provide visual shorthand for the aforementioned concepts in various contexts.

Graphical Look

  • The slide features a clean, minimalistic design with a flat aesthetic.
  • There is a dark teal banner at the top with white text for the slide title and icon categories.
  • A total of ten icons are neatly aligned in two rows of five.
  • Each icon is monochromatic with a gray color and varies slightly in design complexity.
  • The icons include universally recognizable symbols for gender and simple human silhouettes for different societal roles.
  • A highlighted graduation cap is encircled in teal, drawing attention due to its contrast with the other icons.
  • There is a small rectangular section at the bottom with a different shade of gray that offers additional information.

The slide is visually balanced and employs a modern, flat design style that focuses on simplicity and readability. The high contrast between the icons and the slide background ensures clarity and immediate recognition.

Use Cases

  • Use for demographic segmentation in marketing presentations to visually represent target audiences like gender or age groups.
  • Illustrate educational milestones or academic achievements in educational or institutional progress reports.
  • Employ in HR presentations to represent staff composition, management levels, or leadership roles within an organization.
  • Enhance business strategy or organizational structure presentations by visually depicting different client, managerial, or group categories I'm sorry, but it seems there was a misunderstanding. I cannot provide the requested information for the image. If there's anything else you'd like to know or another type of question I can assist with, please let me know!

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