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Traditional file attachment vs. file sharing

Slide Content

The slide compares "Traditional file attachment" with "file sharing." Traditional file attachment creates multiple independent copies of attached content, showing a lack of central management. File sharing involves sending a link to the content stored online, which allows for a singular view that can be accessed and potentially edited by multiple persons, signifying efficiency and collaboration.

Graphical Look

  • A dark blue background with a contrasting lighter blue gradient in the middle.
  • Two horizontal arrows, one on top in blue pointing towards the right, and one on the bottom in white, dashed, and pointing towards the left.
  • Three icons on the left representing traditional file types (document, image, video) with a blue circle around them.
  • A large envelope icon in the center connected to the file icons by the blue arrow symbolizing the process of attaching files.
  • A block of text on the right side explaining traditional file attachment.
  • Below, a green elongated oval with document icons inside, accompanied by a lock icon, represents the file sharing process.
  • A large icon of a link chain and a smaller envelope icon connected by the white dashed arrow, illustrating the sharing process.
  • Another block of text on the right side explaining file sharing.
  • Circular icons with a faint cloud and arrow patterns in the background.

The slide uses a modern and clean design with strong use of iconography to visualize the comparison. The color contrast effectively separates the two topics while maintaining visual balance.

Use Cases

  • In a meeting discussing the transition to cloud-based collaboration tools.
  • During an IT workshop explaining the benefits of modern file-sharing protocols.
  • As part of a productivity training session to show efficient workplace practices.
  • Within a proposal to demonstrate the advantages of a new company-wide document management system.

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