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Editing outline icons in PowerPoint
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Editing outline icons in PowerPoint

Slide Content

The slide explains how to edit outline icons in PowerPoint with a focus on three main attributes: Color, Thickness, and Size. Color adjustment should match branding but avoid fill colors to preserve icon clarity. Adjusting icon thickness requires balancing line width with the icon's scale to maintain readability. Changing an icon's size should be done by manipulating corner nodes to avoid distorting its proportions, affecting its clarity. These steps ensure icons are customized without compromising their design integrity.

Graphical Look

  • The title "Editing outline icons in PowerPoint" is placed at the top in a large, bold font.
  • Three main sections are delineated with headers "Color," "Thickness," and "Size," each in bold.
  • Each section contains:
  • A pair of icons, one with a checkmark symbolizing the correct method, and one with a red cross symbolizing the incorrect method.
  • A tooltip-like graphic with a screenshot of the PowerPoint interface, demonstrating the feature being described.
  • Descriptive text underneath each section providing instructions and best practices.
  • To the right, there's a column with the heading "Fully editable icons" followed by bullet points stating what you can edit: "Change outline color," "Modify outline thickness," and "Resize."
  • The slide background is white with a top border that fades from a deep blue to a lighter blue shade, giving it a professional, clean look.

The slide has a clean and professional appearance with a clear layout that logically categorizes the information. Icons are used effectively to illustrate the dos and don'ts of editing outlined icons in PowerPoint.

Use Cases

  • To train staff on how to effectively use PowerPoint for creating presentations that align with company branding.
  • During a workshop or a webinar on PowerPoint skills, specifically focusing on graphic design within presentations.
  • In a design guide for an organization to establish consistent practices for editing and using icons in documentation and presentations.
  • As a part of a template deck provided to team members to ensure uniformity in presentations while allowing for slight customization.

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