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eBook Outline Icons Set - Status and Growth
from deck E-Book PowerPoint Template for Lead Magnet Presentation (PPT format)

Ebook Outline Icons Set - Status and Growth

Slide Content: The slide presents a collection of outline icons representing various concepts like OK (approval), GO (proceed), checkmark (completion), tick (correct), cross x sign (incorrect or rejection), not done (incomplete), NO GO (stop or negative), thumbs up (positive feedback), thumbs down (negative feedback), question mark (inquiry or doubt), exclamation (attention or alert), lightbulb (idea or inspiration), growth (development or progress), plant (growth or natural development), and green (associated with growth or eco-friendliness). These icons are useful in displaying status and progression in various contexts.

Graphical Look:

  • The slide background is plain with a two-tone blue gradient at the top where the title is placed.
  • Each icon is encircled and has a uniform line thickness, giving the set a cohesive look.
  • The icons are arranged in four rows, with the top two rows containing check and cross symbols and the bottom rows themed around growth and ideas.
  • There is a highlighted icon set in a darker panel on the right, distinguishing it from others in terms of selection or importance.
  • The text description for each group of icons is clear and concise, positioned above the respective icons.
  • A light circular highlight and a shadow effect are used for the featured lightbulb icon.
  • The use of the color green on gray background for the icons on the right creates a visual contrast that draws the eye.
  • Each row of icons is evenly spaced, maintaining a clean and organized layout.

The slide has a clean, professional look with a well-organized layout, keeping the focus on the icons. The colored icons on the right side add a touch of visual interest and help in directing the viewer's attention.

Use Cases:

  • To elucidate the status of various projects or tasks during business meetings, highlighting progress, issues, or completions.
  • As visual aids in instructional materials or guides for explaining procedures or processes where different statuses need to be identified clearly.
  • In reports or dashboards that track the performance or status of different business operations or metrics.
  • To enhance communication in presentations by using visual symbols instead of text to quickly convey concepts like growth, ideas, approval, or warnings.

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