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E-commerce Icons Set - Process, Documentation
from deck E-commerce Analysis Management Presentation (PPT Template)

E-commerce Icons Set - Process, Documentation

Slide Content

The slide is a collection of icons related to e-commerce processes and documentation. These include symbols for Book (knowledge or information resource), Checklist (tasks or items to review), Documents (various papers or digital records), Checkmark (completed tasks or validation), Search (looking for information or items), Inspection (quality or compliance check), and Technical Issue which could possibly imply troubleshooting or problem-solving. It also shows icons for Process Malfunction (workflow disruptions), Time (duration or deadlines), Hourglass (passing time), Law (legal aspects), Gavel (judicial authority), Up and Down arrows (direction or movement), Plus and Minus signs (addition or subtraction in context), and various others like Error (mistakes or issues), Connection (linking elements), Cross-channel Visibility (multi-platform awareness), Return (process of taking back goods), and a Question Mark (unknown factors or inquiries).

Graphical Look

  • The slide has a clean and minimalist design with a dark blue header banner at the top.
  • The title of the slide is shown in white, capitalized font within the header banner.
  • Below the header, there is a light grey background that serves as a contrast for the set of monochromatic icons.
  • The icons are arranged in four rows and grouped in pairs or trios, depending on their visual alignment and relevance.
  • The icons are stylized and simplified depicting various aspects of e-commerce processes and documentation.
  • A teal banner at the bottom of the slide highlights that the icons are fully editable.
  • A lighter circle with an outline encloses one icon of a checklist, drawing attention to it.
  • At the bottom, a tagline stating “More icons available. Check our website” is presented in a small rectangle box.
  • The overall slide uses a color palette of dark blue, teal, grey, and light blue.

The overall look of the slide is professional and organized, offering a ### Graphical Look

  • The title is in a dark teal banner at the top with white text.
  • Icons are arranged in a grid layout on a light background.
  • Each icon is a simple, grey graphic that represents an e-commerce or documentation concept.
  • Icons include representations of books, checklists, documents, checkmarks, magnifying glasses, gavels, hourglasses, gears, arrows, a clock, an 'X' mark, connection symbols, recycling arrows, and a question mark.
  • Some icons are highlighted with a background color, such as yellow, green, and blue, emphasizing variation.
  • The bottom of the slide features a smaller, contrasting teal banner with a promotional message.
  • There is a circular highlight around one icon at the bottom right, focusing on that particular element.

The slide presents its content in a well-organized, visually appealing manner. The icons are simple and professional, and the color accents help make the slide engaging without being overwhelming.

Use Cases

  • To visually represent different aspects of e-commerce in a business presentation, making it easier for the audience to grasp complex processes.
  • For outlining procedures and documentation requirements during e-commerce training sessions or educational workshops.
  • As a part of a company's internal communication to standardize icons and symbols related to e-commerce operations across their digital platforms.
  • In marketing materials to quickly convey the e-commerce services or features a company offers to potential clients or partners.

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