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E-commerce Icons Set – Payment Transactions
from deck E-commerce Analysis Management Presentation (PPT Template)

E-commerce Icons Set — Payment Transactions

Slide Content

The slide presents a collection of icons representing various aspects of e-commerce payment transactions. It covers key elements such as an online store, search engine, payment systems like PayPal, different payment methods, financial concepts like money, income, credit card usage, accountancy, the act of paying, receiving revenue, processes of refunding, coins for smaller transactions, security aspects, pricing (price tags), and summarizing financial data.

Graphical Look

  • The slide background is divided diagonally, with a light gray upper half and a dark teal lower half.
  • A set of twelve icons are aligned in a grid layout with four icons per row across three rows.
  • Four icons on the right-hand side are colored in a gradient scheme from dark to light teal to olive green, while the rest are gray.
  • Each icon represents a different concept related to payment transactions, stylized in a minimal, flat design.
  • The icons include a shopping web page, a stylized search bar with a magnifying glass, a disapproving hand gesture, hands with money indicating a transaction, and other financial symbols.
  • The bottom center icon is enclosed in a circle and highlighted with a contrasting blue color to emphasize its importance.
  • Text on the slide includes the title in large white font at the top, descriptive keywords below in a smaller font, and a footer area emphasizing the editability of the icons and inviting users to visit a website for more icons.

The graphical elements are simple yet visually balanced, with the colored icons drawing attention towards them. The contrasting colors and shapes are uniformly aligned, creating a clean and professional appearance.

Use Cases

  • Showcasing various payment-related features during an e-commerce platform presentation.
  • Highlighting different aspects of financial transactions in a business model pitch to investors or stakeholders.
  • Serving as visual aids in an educational presentation about online payment systems.
  • Enhancing a user interface design proposal or a web design mock up presentation where icons could be used to symbolize the functionalities of different payment options.

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