Due Diligence Phases PowerPoint Slide
from deck Due Diligence Process, Types, Checklists Diagrams (PPT Template)

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This PowerPoint slide contains the Due Diligence Phases: existing situation, primal study, evaluation, analysis, and finalizing. The first phase is the existing situation which is the method of defining the current situation accurately. The second phase is the primal study which means conducting an early investigation. The third phase is the evaluation which means the act of making a decision. The fourth phase is the analysis which is a comprehensive analysis of the components. The last stage is to finalize and complete the due diligence process. You can use this PPT slide if you are a manager who wants to explain the due diligence phases to your colleagues. You can download this PPT template on Google Slides and Keynote.

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White Background, Text Box, Magnifying Glass Icon, Research Icon, Search Icon, Study Icon, Evaluation Icon, Analysis Icon, Finish Icon, Finalyzing Icon

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