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Example of the distribution and retail symbols
from deck CEE Europe Maps with Administrative Territories (PPT editable)

Icons: Distribution, Retail

Slide Content

The slide titled "Icons: Distribution, Retail" presents a collection of vector icons related to logistics and retail sectors. There are two categories shown: "Distribution Centre (big & small)" signifies facilities where goods are stored and distributed; "Wholesale" represents the intermediaries in trading; "Retail Shop (big & small), Consumption" suggests stores where consumers purchase products. Accompanied by these categories are icons editable in filling, outline, and shadow, indicating customizable features for presentations.

Graphical Look

  • Background: Solid Fill
  • Title: Large bold font, upper left position, dark text on light background.
  • Subtitle: Smaller font just below the title, with complementary information.
  • Icons: Four sets of icons with variations for size and type.
  • First set: Two distribution center buildings, different sizes with shadow effect.
  • Second set: A single wholesale building icon, with a shadow effect.
  • Third set: Two retail shop icons, different sizes depicting storefronts, with shadow effect.
  • Text Labels: Each set of icons is labeled with descriptive texts in a smaller font size.
  • Editability tag: A ribbon banner at the upper right stating "Fully Editable."
  • Color theme: Consistent use of purples and greens for icons and text.

The slide is visually coherent with a professional look, utilizing a color scheme that's easy on the eye and has a structured layout that is clear and easy to follow.

Use Cases

  • To illustrate different components of a supply chain in a business presentation.
  • Within a marketing strategy deck to depict various channels of product distribution.
  • In training materials for new hires in a retail or distribution company.
  • For visualizing logistics infrastructure in a company profile or investor pitch.

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