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Example of the lighter toolchain cycle diagram
from deck DevOps Know-How Presentation Toolbox (PPT diagrams)

DevOps Toolchain Loop – lighter version

Slide Content

The PowerPoint slide presents an illustrated cycle known as the "DevOps Toolchain Loop," outlining the continuous stages of development and operations. "CREATE" involves conceptualizing and crafting new software features. "PLAN" is the stage where software blueprints and strategies are developed. "CODE" represents the actual programming. "BUILD" and "TEST" are subsequent steps in software development, focusing on constructing a working version and verifying its correctness. The "RELEASE" phase ensures the software is ready for deployment, followed by "DEPLOY." "OPERATE" involves the day-to-day running of the software, and "MONITOR" refers to tracking the software performance to inform further improvements.

Graphical Look

  • The slide has a circular, segmented infographic at its center, representing the DevOps loop.
  • Each segment is labeled with stages of the DevOps process: CREATE, PLAN, CODE, BUILD, TEST, RELEASE, DEPLOY, OPERATE, and MONITOR.
  • Adjacent to each stage label is a color-coded icon that visually represents the stage.
  • The icons include a pencil for CREATE, a list for PLAN, a rocket for RELEASE, and gears for CONFIGURE.
  • The color scheme of the loop segments transition smoothly from one to the next, utilizing shades of purple, blue, orange, and green.
  • Above the loop is the slide title in large, bold font, augmenting its emphasis on the topic at hand.
  • There is an overall minimalistic and professional design approach, with ample whitespace around the chart for clarity.

The overall look of the slide is both engaging and informative, utilizing a sleek and modern design to facilitate understanding of the DevOps process. The infographic's vibrant colors and associated icons aid in visual differentiation of the stages within the cycle.

Use Cases

  • This slide can be used in educational sessions to explain the concept of DevOps and its cyclical nature to students or new employees - It is suitable for business meetings where a company wants to discuss or improve their current DevOps practices.
  • During project planning and review meetings, it can serve to align cross-functional teams on the sequence of operations.
  • It can be used in sales or consulting presentations to showcase a company's DevOps expertise or services offered.

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