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Example of the horizontal timeline illustrated with growing plant
from deck Business Growth & Development Template (PPT diagrams)

Development Timeline Diagram – Growing plant

Slide Content:

This slide visualizes the stages of a project or product development as the growth of a plant. "01 Idea" is the seed stage, symbolizing the birth of a new concept. "02 Development" shows a sprout with two leaves, representing the nurturing and expansion of the idea. "03 Review" has a bigger plant with multiple leaves, denoting the evaluation and refinement process. Finally, "04 Publishing" depicts a mature plant with many leaves, illustrating the completion and launch of the final product.

Graphical Look:

  • Four green plant illustrations increasing in size and complexity from left to right, representing growth stages.
  • A brown horizontal arrow beneath the plants, serves as a timeline.
  • Each stage is numbered and labeled with a stage name directly below the timeline.
  • Color-coded stage labels: green for "Idea," teal for "Development," darker teal for "Review," and orange for "Publishing."

The slide uses simple, clean graphics to convey the concept of growth and development stages. The brown arrow timeline ties the elements together, guiding the viewer through the progression from conception to completion.

Use Cases:

  • To display the lifecycle of a product from initial idea to market release in a business meeting.
  • As a visual tool in project management training to explain the phases of project progression.
  • Within a startup pitch to potential investors, illustrating the company's roadmap for product development.
  • In educational settings to describe the process of bringing an academic or research idea to fruition.

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