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December (US) – with Place for Notes
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December (US) – with Place for Notes

Slide Content

The PowerPoint slide features a calendar titled "December (US) – with Place for Notes" for the year 2024. It displays a traditional US Sunday-start calendar layout with dates running from December 1st to December 31st. Each week is arranged in rows with the days of the week labeled at the top from Sunday to Saturday. The slide appears designed to allow users to add notes or events on specific dates, although no specific events are detailed on this particular slide.

Graphical Look

  • The slide has a light background with a predominantly white central area.
  • To the left, there is a wide vertical teal banner with the year "2024" in white text towards the bottom.
  • The upper portion of the slide features the title in large black text.
  • Each day of the week is labeled in a smaller, capitalized font across the top of the calendar grid.
  • The calendar grid itself consists of grey lines demarcating each date box.
  • Dates are indicated with simple, black text within each box of the grid.
  • The weekends (Saturday and Sunday) are highlighted with a light teal background color in their respective columns.
  • There is a ribbon-like teal page fold graphic at the top left corner.

The slide has a clean, professional design with a clear layout for presenting dates and notes. The use of teal brings a pop of color to a mostly monochrome design, and the ribbon element adds a subtle three-dimensional effect.

Use Cases

  • Planning and outlining key dates and deadlines in a business project or timeline presentation.
  • Serving as an editorial calendar for content management in marketing or communications departments.
  • Utilized in a personal organization workshop or time management training session.
  • Displayed in a meeting to coordinate schedule availability or upcoming events for team members.

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