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from deck Creative Big Data Diagrams (PPT Template)

Big Data: Application Areas – Circular Diagram

Slide Content

The slide illustrates application areas of Big Data presented in a circular diagram format. It describes six sectors including "Banks & Insurance," symbolized by a bank icon, which signifies the utilization of big data in financial services for risk assessment and customer personalization. "Healthcare & Research," shown with a microscope icon, highlights the role of big data in advancing medical research and patient care. "Telecoms," indicated by a mobile phone icon, where big data helps with network optimization and customer service improvement. "Energy & Utilities," depicted with a light bulb hand icon, focuses on how big data facilitates smart grid management and predictive maintenance. "Automotive & Production," with a cogwheel icon, representing the integration of big data in automotive manufacturing for efficiency and automation. Lastly, "Retail," marked by a shopping cart icon, illustrating the use of big data for consumer behavior analysis and inventory management.

Graphical Look

  • The title "Big Data: Application Areas – Circular Diagram" is centered at the top of the slide in bold, black font.
  • Six circular shapes with icons are evenly distributed in a larger circular arrangement around a central circle.
  • The central circle contains the text "Big Data Applications" on a white background.
  • Each outer circle has a unique color (dark blue, light blue, green, orange, purple, and grey) and contains both an icon and a label indicating an application area of Big Data.
  • Icons include a bank, a microscope, a mobile phone, a hand holding a light bulb, cogwheels, and a shopping cart, representing various industries.
  • Arrows point from each outer circle towards the center, indicating a relationship to Big Data Applications.
  • The overall design is clean with a white background and uses flat design aesthetics for the icons.

The slide looks professional and visually balanced, using color coding and simple icons to represent various industries linked to Big Data Applications.

Use Cases - Presenting an overview of big data applications across different industries during a conference or seminar.

  • Educating stakeholders about the potential impact of big data in various sectors within a company meeting.
  • Part of a training or educational presentation to explain the realms where big data technology can be leveraged.
  • A visual aid for sales pitches to companies offering big data solutions, demonstrating the breadth of markets that can be targeted.

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