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CX Research Methodology Examples
from deck Customer Experience Metrics Diagrams (PPT Template)

CX Research Methodology Examples

This PowerPoint slide provides an overview of various customer experience (CX) research methodologies, making it a valuable tool for businesses seeking to understand and enhance their customer interactions. The slide's clear and concise infographic format effectively conveys the different research methods and their applications, making it a suitable addition to presentations on CX strategies, customer feedback analysis, and market research techniques.

What Does This CX Research Methodology Examples Slide Include?

  • A diagram composed of six text boxes connected with a central circular icon container
  • Six descriptions of different CX research methods: CAWI, CATI, PAPI/CAPI, FG, MS, and MW
  • Colorful circular icon containers
  • Outline icons of an online survey, call center, customer support, podcast, radio, research, persona, target, basket, cart, purchase, online shop
  • Labels next to each icon indicating the full name of the corresponding research method

This CX Research Methodology Examples Slide is a part of our Customer Experience Metrics Diagrams PPT Template.

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