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Fully editable icons: Style and color customization

Slide Content

The slide illustrates the customizable nature of PowerPoint icons, emphasizing the ease of style and color changes. Customization includes simple adjustments like coping and pasting which adapts the color to a new presentation scheme, manual changes, and the use of PowerPoint Quick Styles. Additional visual effects like adding reflections can also augment the appearance of the icons, making them more visually appealing and tailored to specific presentation needs.

Graphical Look

  • The slide features a dark blue background which enhances the visibility of lighter elements.
  • There are four circular shapes, two large and two smaller, containing icons of a notepad with lines, representing perhaps a report or document.
  • Each pair of circular shapes is connected by a horizontal arrow, implying a transformation or process.
  • The left pair of circles and arrow depicts a color change from blue to pink, while the right pair shows the addition of a reflection effect without a color change.
  • The text is laid out in a balanced manner, with a larger column on the right and smaller annotations next to the lower circles on the left.
  • The icons and arrows have a modern, flat design, with a slight gradient on the arrows to imply dimension.

The slide is visually balanced with a harmonious color scheme and a clear visual representation of the customization process of the icons. The graphic elements are simple yet effective in conveying the message of icon transformation.

Use Cases

  • To explain how to customize the visual design of presentation materials for brand consistency.
  • Demonstrating software features during a training session on PowerPoint or graphic design tools.
  • Pitching a new marketing strategy that includes the adaptation of visual elements to different campaigns.
  • Showcasing before-and-after examples of design improvements within a presentation for client revisions or stakeholder approval.

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