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Customer Profile Dashboard Example

Slide Content

This PowerPoint slide is titled "Customer Profile Dashboard Example" and provides a visual representation of a client's demographic data with segments such as Target Market, Age, Gender, Income, Place of Living, and Education. Each category utilizes icons and graphical data representations like pie charts and bar graphs to deliver key statistics. For instance, the Age category breaks down the population by age groups, showing percentages for each, while the Gender category shows an almost even split between Female (51%) and Male (49%).

Graphical Look

  • The slide features a three-column layout with a light-blue and white color scheme.
  • Six labeled segments are represented by circular icons with symbols indicating their meanings. For instance, the Target Market is depicted with three human figures, while Education is represented by a graduation cap icon.
  • Each icon is followed by a horizontal set of bars in varying shades of blue, functioning both as a decorative element and a visual separator.
  • A map of a country labeled 'DE' with a population figure ‘4,7 M’ is positioned on the left.
  • Bar graphs are used to convey the age distribution within the population; different shades of blue signify various age groups.
  • Two pie charts indicate the percentage splits for Income and Gender, employing gradations of blue and teal.
  • Additional textual information is present, denoting specific percentages corresponding to data categories such as Income levels, Places of Living, and Education levels.

The overall look of the slide is sleek and modern, with a cohesive color palette and visual aids that facilitate the quick grasp of demographic data.

Use Cases

  • Presenting demographic data during market research presentations.
  • Providing an overview of customer segments in marketing strategy meetings.
  • Communicating company’s target audience profiles to new team members.
  • Utilizing in stakeholder meetings to discuss target market expansion or product development.

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