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Customer Experience Strategy Process PPT Slide
from deck Customer Experience Management Strategy Processes (PPT Template)

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This PPT slide shows the customer experience strategy process through six stages. Customer profile - understand your buyer personas; customer promise - define what the customers can expect from you, what makes you stand out from the competitors, and what benefits and experiences you promise. Create a clear customer journey map, including touchpoints with customer engagement levels. Measurement - decide on the methodology, and frequency of customer experience measurement and define the metrics set to be applied. Analysis - determine the way you will analyze the customers' feedback and steps to be taken to improve your pain points. Improvement - plan the efficiency enhancement aimed at customer experience boost via proper corrective actions. You can download this presentation in other software as Google Slides and Keynote, without any quality loss. All the graphics are customizable so you can adjust them based on your needs. Click on the picture to see the whole Customer Experience Management 101 PowerPoint Template.

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