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Customer Effort Score (CES)Low-effort Interactions to Higher Customers Loyalty Dashboard
from deck Customer Experience Metrics Diagrams (PPT Template)

Customer Effort Score (CES)

This PowerPoint slide visually depicts the concept of Customer Effort Score (CES), a metric that measures the ease with which customers can interact with a brand. The slide effectively illustrates the correlation between low-effort interactions and higher customer loyalty, emphasizing the importance of streamlining customer experiences. This infographic can be incorporated into business presentations to highlight the significance of CES in fostering customer satisfaction and building enduring customer relationships.

What Does This Customer Effort Score (CES) Slide Include?

  • A semi-circular Excel-driven gauge chart with a pointer indicating a value
  • A concise definition of Customer Effort Score (CES)
  • A clear illustration of the positive impact of low-effort interactions on customer loyalty
  • A placeholder text box for adding customized content
  • An outline icon of snapping icons, pointer, approval

This Customer Effort Score (CES) Slide is a part of our Customer Experience Metrics Diagrams PPT Template.

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