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Flat Icons Set

Slide Content

The slide is titled "Flat Icons Set" and appears to be showcasing a variety of vector icons used for presentations or graphic design. These icons represent concepts such as "Product," reflected with a simple box icon, "Box" with an open box icon, "Dollar Symbol" indicating money or finance, "Budget," commonly associated with the dollar symbol, "Money," using a shopping cart icon which may signify commerce, "Shopping Cart" denoting retail or e-commerce, "Sales" with a tagged item, "Trophy" suggesting achievement or rewards, "Prize," associated with the trophy icon, "Reward," likely linking to the concept of recognition, "Customer Satisfaction," which is depicted with a set of emoticons ranging from happy to sad, and "Emotions," such as "Happy," "Satisfied," "Neutral," "Indifferent," and "Sad," illustrated with the corresponding facial expressions. Additionally, it includes "Approval" with a checkmark, "Accept," which is similar to approval, "Checkmark," usually representing a positive response, "Reject" with a cross or X-mark, "Deny," synonymous with reject, "Disapproval X-Mark," and "Crossmark," which could mean incorrect or no. These icons can be used to visually represent these concepts in various communication materials.

Graphical Look

  • The background of the slide is light grey with a darker grey footer and a prominent turquoise header.
  • Two text blocks: the title is in bold, dark grey font; the other block is much smaller, positioned at the center bottom in a light grey rectangle.
  • Icons are arranged in three rows: the first and second rows feature four icons each, while the third row includes five.
  • Icons are simplistic, flat designs with uniform styling, using a monochromatic dark grey color.
  • The majority of icons are standalone, while three box icons in the second row are colored in teal, orange, and green.
  • A standout icon of a box is encircled in the turquoise color matching the header, positioned at the bottom center.
  • Underneath the encircled box icon, a call to action is provided, suggesting additional icons can be found on a website, with the URL written in white on a dark grey background.

The overall look of the slide is clean and modern, with a professional color scheme. The use of flat design for the icons ensures that they are easily readable and can be universally understood.

Use Cases

  • To enhance visual communication in business presentations, by replacing text with universally recognized icons.
  • In marketing materials to visually represent product features, benefits, or customer sentiments.
  • Within user interface designs for software or web applications to facilitate user navigation and function identification.
  • As part of educational slides to illustrate concepts or emotions in a visually engaging manner.

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