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Current Processes Presentation
from deck Sales Business Case Study Template (PowerPoint graphics)

Current Processes Presentation

Slide Content

The slide titled "Current Processes Presentation" showcases "Key KPI Data Highlights with Bar Chart" on how certain processes will be impacted by a solution. The left side of the slide contains a section labeled "Current Situation Title" with bullet points where text can be added to describe the processes that will be subject to change. Adjacent to this, on the right side, is a bar chart showing three key performance indicators (KPIs), comparing "Current" and "Improved" values, emphasizing performance enhancements.

Graphical Look

  • The slide has a clean, modern design with a light background.
  • There's a prominent turquoise banner with a lighter shade extending from it, containing the text "Current Situation Title."
  • To the left of the banner, there is a round icon featuring a gear, symbolizing processes or settings.
  • The banner appears to continue behind the bar chart, visually connecting the text and graphic areas.
  • The bar chart includes two sets of bars for each KPI in contrasting colors (red for "Current" and green for "Improved").
  • Above the highest bar, there is a large green tag with "XX% improvement" to highlight the positive change.
  • An arrowed process flow with two connected icons, depicting energy and progression, is displayed above the bar chart.

The use of bold contrasting colors and simplistic icons ensures focus on the key elements. The graphical elements come together to form a cohesive visual story linking text description and quantifiable data.

Use Cases

  • To present before-and-after scenarios illustrating the effectiveness of a new strategy or process change.
  • For business reviews to showcase performance improvements after implementing certain measures.
  • In project proposal meetings to highlight potential benefits and KPI improvements with prospective solutions.
  • During training sessions to explain the impact of new workflows or systems on existing processes.

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