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Template for 6 items presenting good contract mesh graphics
from deck 3D Cube Box Diagram (PPT Template)

6 Elements Building a Good Contract

Slide Content

The slide presents a strategic approach to creating an effective contract, broken down into six key elements. Each element takes the viewer through a step in the contract development process: 1. Content covering the needs suggests that the contract must address the specific requirements of the involved parties. 2. Getting general approval by client implies a preliminary agreement or consensus from the client on the contract’s terms. 3. Reaching agreement indicates the finalization of discussions and the establishment of mutually acceptable terms. 4. Analyzing optional terms means scrutinizing additional terms that could be beneficial or offer flexibility. 5. Ensuring delivery capacity highlights the necessity to confirm that the deliverables can be provided as per the contract. 6. Ensuring legal approval emphasizes the importance of the contract complying with relevant legal standards and obtaining formal authorization.

Graphical Look

  • Background: A dark blue gradient serves as the backdrop for the content.
  • Title: The title of the slide is prominently displayed at the top in a larger white font.
  • Diagram: A central mesh diagram with interconnected colored squares, each numbered and linked by lines to their respective descriptors.
  • Color Coding: Each square in the mesh is filled with a distinct color corresponding to a particular element of the contract.
  • Icons: Each square contains a unique icon that visually represents the concept linked to the contract element.
  • Descriptive Boxes: Rectangular boxes with a description for each step in the contract building process are connected to the central diagram.
  • Numbering: Each step is sequentially numbered from 1 to 6, guiding the viewer through the process.

The slide is visually organized with a clear, professional design. The mesh diagram centralizes the focus while color coding and icons facilitate quick comprehension of the six steps.

Use Cases

  • For a workshop or training session on contract management, providing a step-by-step guide on crafting effective contracts.
  • During a business negotiation meeting, to outline the key aspects of a contract being discussed or reviewed.
  • In a legal department presentation, to educate team members on the critical elements that need to be considered when drafting or vetting contracts.
  • As a part of a project kickoff presentation to ensure all stakeholders understand the contractual milestones and obligations.

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