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2. Hand Drawn Quote Graphics

Slide Content

The slide is titled "Hand Drawn Quote Graphics" suggesting it's the second part of a presentation about graphical elements styled to look handmade, specifically geared towards quotes. The "Hand Drawn" aspect indicates a casual or personalized approach to the graphics, making them seem more authentic and less computer-generated. These types of graphics are often used in presentations to highlight testimonials, emphasize key statements, or convey messages with a personal touch.

Graphical Look

  • A large, bold, numbered header "2." in dark blue sits at the top left, indicating the sequence in the presentation.
  • Right beside the number, in much larger font size, the title "Hand Drawn Quote Graphics" spreads towards the right side of the slide.
  • The title is styled in a sans-serif font, suggesting a modern and clean design preference.
  • The title's color is a lighter shade of blue, which complements the dark blue of the numbering.
  • A ribbon-like banner, also in blue, extends from the title toward the right edge of the slide.
  • The background is a light gradient, fading from light blue at the top to white at the bottom, which adds a subtle visual interest without overwhelming the text.

The overall visual composition is simple and clean, with the emphasis on the title through contrast in size and color. The design suggests that the content is easy to follow and intended to be accessible.

Use Cases

  • Introducing a section on visual aids for presentation design, specifically focusing on quotes and testimonials.
  • Preparing a creative workshop or seminar about enhancing presentation visuals with hand-drawn elements.
  • Kicking off an internal company training session on incorporating personalized graphics into marketing materials.
  • Presenting a portfolio of graphic design work that includes custom hand-drawn elements for client campaigns.

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