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Source of waste

Slide Content

The slide is titled "Source of waste" and categorizes waste origins into three main groups: Household, Construction/Demolition, and City/Municipal. Each category is represented by an icon: a house for household waste as a symbol of domestic waste, a wrecking ball and debris for construction/demolition waste highlighting waste from building activities, and a cityscape for city/municipal waste indicating waste generated by urban areas. Below these icons are dark background versions, which show the adaptability of the slide content to different background colors.

Graphical Look

  • The slide has a clean, modern design with a navy and orange color scheme.
  • There are three large circular icons with a white background, each depicting a different source of waste.
  • The icons feature a simple white house, a crane with a wrecking ball, and an urban cityscape.
  • Below each large icon are smaller versions against a dark navy background, demonstrating the slide's adaptability to different background colors.
  • To the bottom right, an orange square promotes the slide's fully editable nature and adaptive color schema.

The slide provides a visually pleasing contrast with its use of circular icons on a clean background and coherent color scheme. The use of dark and light backgrounds for the icons demonstrates the flexibility of the design for different presentation styles.

Use Cases

  • To educate an audience on waste management and the various origins of waste in environmental presentations.
  • In a business setting, to discuss strategies for reducing waste output by targeting specific waste sources.
  • For municipal presentations to inform stakeholders about the distribution of waste sources in urban planning.
  • In academic lectures or workshops focused on sustainability and waste reduction initiatives.

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