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Content of Calendars Package

Slide Content

The PowerPoint slide titled "Content of Calendars Package" offers an overview of two categories of calendar resources. The "Graphics for Calendars" section includes flags & pins for marking, color coding for events and deadlines, hand-drawn markers and arrows for annotation, sticky notes for auxiliary comments, and pins and time icons for time-based references. The "Various Calendar Tables" lists the types of calendars provided: Timelines and yearly, monthly, bi-monthly, and quarterly calendars, a U.S. styled day format calendar, and 2024 yearly plans, which all help in scheduling and organization.

Graphical Look

  • The slide has a white background with a large title at the top in dark text.
  • There are two main content areas with light blue headers. Each area has a vertical light gray background bar where the texts are located.
  • On the left side, a vertical series of red round icons with attached pins indicates a list of graphical elements.
  • On the right, three light blue round icons with calendar symbols are connected by a vertical gray line to represent different calendar types.
  • Each list item is marked with a dark blue bullet point.

The slide has a clean and balanced composition through its symmetrical layout. The color palette is limited and professional, using shades of blue, gray, and red to distinguish between elements.

Use Cases

  • Presenting the contents of a calendar toolkit during a project management meeting.
  • Showcasing available resources to a team for planning and scheduling.
  • Introducing a new calendar system to an organization in a training session.
  • Offering an overview of planning assets during a sales pitch for organizational tools.

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