Compensations and Benefits Management - Salary Process
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The Compensations and Benefits Management PPT Template can be used to show employee benefits. You can use this slide if you are a benefits manager or compensation manager and want to show the benefits plans your company offers to your employees. You can also use this slide if you are a human resource manager and want to supervise the compensation systems of your company. The benefits programs are divided into two parts: direct and indirect benefits packages. The indirect package is divided into three parts: protection programs, pay for time not worked, and services and perquisites. The protection programs include medical insurance, life insurance, disability income, pension, and social security. The pay for time not worked includes vacations, holidays, sick leave, and jury duty. The services and perquisites consist of recreational facilities, cars, financial planning, and low-cost or free meals. The direct package is divided into four parts: base pay, merit pay, incentive pay, and deferred pay. The base pay consists of salary and wage. The incentive pay includes bonus, commission, piece rate, profit sharing, stock option, and shift differentia. The deferred pay consists of a savings plan, stock purchase, and annuity. You can also talk about the retirement plans your company offers to employees. Every employer, hr manager, and compensation and benefits manager should mention the benefits plans in the payroll process because it will attract and retain the best employees in every industry. You can ensure that all employees in the company are satisfied, and you can always ask them to make recommendations for future compensation and benefits packages. You can download this template on Google Slides.

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