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The Company Statistic Infographic is essential if you want to show your company's profile to stakeholders. It can be used if you are a marketer who wants to create marketing campaigns by using engaging visuals to illustrate your company's information. You can use these infographic statistics if you are a business owner or a manager in a company who wants to create visual content using infographics. You can also use this statistics infographic as an annual report. This Infographic template contains icons that help you visualize the data professionally and creatively. This slide contains company information in numbers such as employment, offices subsidiaries, factory location, clients, sales, and product brands. In this company infographic PowerPoint template, you can write the title of your company in the middle. This template is divided into two rows. You can visualize the data by using infographics in both rows. In the first row, you can include data related to employees. offices, B2B clients, and sales with a convenient infographic for each. In the second row, you can write company information such as revenue, factories, brands, and products. You can use infographics to help make the PowerPoint Presentation more interactive and visually engaging. This will create a lasting impression on your audience. The use of data infographics can be implemented whether you're a large or small business owner. You can customize the infographics according to your preference. Using our simple design, you can capture your audience's attention and ensure potential customer satisfaction.

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White Background, Pentagon Shape, Man Icon, Employee Icon, Shop Icon, Office Icon, People Icon, Cart Icon, Revenue Icon, Factory Icon, Production Icon, Brand Icon, Product Icon, Box Icon

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