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Climate change financial impact to global business infographics
from deck Climate Change Impacts & Business Actions (PPT Template)

Climate Change Financial Impact to Global Business

Slide Content

The slide is titled "Climate Change Financial Impact to Global Business - CDP Program Survey Infographics". It presents a significant figure of "$970 billion" as the potential financial impact to business of 215 global companies participating in the CDP program, which is the former Carbon Disclosure Project, a climate change-focused data collection and assessment program. The reference to the Global Climate Analysis 2018 Report and its source link is provided for further information.

Graphical Look

  • The slide background is white, providing a clean and neutral canvas for content.
  • At the top, a dark grey banner holds the slide title in white text.
  • A prominent feature is the large dollar figure "$970 billion" in bold, green font on the left side.
  • To the right of the dollar figure, there's a paragraph in a smaller green font explaining the context of the financial impact and the CDP program.
  • The bottom of the slide features an array of stylized bar chart-like green blocks, visually representing the financial data.
  • Each block is divided into smaller segments, suggesting a breakdown of the total figure into smaller units.
  • A horizontal axis label, "US$ 100 billion," is placed on the right side with an arrow pointing to the last bar, aiding in scale comprehension.
  • No additional icons, embellishments, or footer details are present on the slide.

The slide has a modern and professional look, with green tones that are commonly associated with finance and sustainability. The visual elements like the large dollar figure and the block charts are designed to make the data impact immediately apparent.

Use Cases

  • In corporate sustainability presentations to highlight the financial aspects of climate change.
  • As part of an investor briefing to discuss risks related to environmental issues.
  • During an environmental conference to demonstrate the economic impact of climate initiatives.
  • In educational settings to explain the link between business operations and climate-related financial exposure.

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