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Circular Economy vs Linear Approach Diagram
from deck Circular Economy and Sustainability Diagrams (PPT Template)

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Circular economy vs linear approach diagram presented with graphics. The difference between these two concepts is that with the circular economy we are focusing on reusing the raw materials through recycling and other methods, whereas the final result of the linear economy is waste after the use of a product. Linear economy steps: energy and material input, production, distribution, use, disposal, waste and emission leakage. The advantage of the circular economy is that as soon as the product goes to waste, they are recycling it, in production it's remanufactured and refurbished, and finally it's ready for reuse. This business model has been accepted as a better solution for sustainability management, and the linear approach is slowly being left behind. Due to the global challenges that we encounter every day, these principles of the circular economy should be taken into consideration. You can download this PowerPoint template presentation in other formats such as Google Slides and/or Keynote without any quality loss of the elements. Learn more about the circular economy flow on Wikipedia.

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