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from deck Industry icons: Production, Construction, Transportation (flat PPT clipart)


Slide Content

The slide titled "Materials" categorizes three key industries by the materials they are associated with: Chemical industry, Metalworking/Ironworks, and Gasoline/Fuel. Each category is accompanied by a simple, representative icon within a colored circle. The Chemical industry is signified by an icon of a laboratory flask, hinting at chemical reactions or experiments. Metalworking/Ironworks are represented by what appears to be a lathe or machining tool, reflecting the manufacturing and processing aspect. Gasoline/Fuel is depicted by a fuel pump icon, implying the sector's focus on fuel distribution and sales. Beneath these, there are icons for dark background versions, suggesting these graphics are adaptable for presentations with darker color schemes.

Graphical Look

  • The slide background is a gradient from white to a subtle gray at the bottom.
  • Three large circles arranged horizontally across the slide, each with a distinct icon and industry label.
  • The circles and icons are uniformly styled with a monochromatic blue color scheme.
  • Each circle's diameter is approximately equal, maintaining consistent visual weight across the slide.
  • Underneath the primary icons, there are smaller versions shown to represent their adaptability to dark backgrounds.
  • A note on the bottom-right corner indicates that the icons are "Fully editable & automatically adjusting to color schema."
  • All icons and texts have shadow effects to enhance contrast and legibility against the background.

The slide features a clean and modern design with a professional color scheme and subtle shadows that provide depth. The use of simple icons allows for quick comprehension of the industries being discussed.

Use Cases

  • To introduce the primary materials or sectors in an industry-focused business presentation.
  • As part of an educational curriculum to teach students about different types of industrial materials.
  • In a corporate training setting, to explain the divisions within a company that deal with different materials.
  • At a trade show or conference to showcase the range of a company's expertise or product offerings in various material-focused industries.

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