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Cart Abandonment Rate Analysis Dashboard Reasons For Abandonment During Checkout, e.g., Too High Costs, Technical, Payment Issue, Complex Process
from deck E-commerce Analysis Management Presentation (PPT Template)

Cart Abandonment Rate Analysis Dashboard

This PowerPoint slide provides a visual representation of the reasons why customers abandon their shopping carts during the checkout process. It highlights the most common reasons, such as high shipping costs, technical issues, payment issues, and a complex checkout process. This infographic can be used in business presentations to analyze cart abandonment rates and identify areas for improvement in the checkout process.

What Does This Cart Abandonment Rate Analysis Dashboard Include?

  • Six rectangular blocks arranged in two rows, each representing a reason for cart abandonment
  • Percentage values within each block indicating the proportion of cart abandonments attributed to that reason
  • A color scheme that uses shades of blue for the blocks and white text for the labels and percentages
  • Flat icons of truck, transportation, delivery, research, magnifying glass, receipt, document, gears, process, debit cart, payment, credit cart, logic, thinking, idea

This Cart Abandonment Rate Analysis Dashboard is a part of our E-commerce Analysis Management Presentation PPT Template.

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