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It is lack of confidence, more than anything else, that kills a civilisation.

Slide Content

The slide contains a quote emphasizing the destructive power of cynicism and disillusionment compared to physical destruction, asserting that a lack of confidence can be just as lethal to a civilization as warfare. The quote is attributed to Kenneth Clark from his work "Civilisation." This statement invites reflection on the social and psychological factors that influence the stability and progress of societies.

Graphical Look

  • The slide's background is a high-contrast aerial photograph of a cityscape at what appears to be dusk, with buildings casting long shadows.
  • A large, prominent quotation mark symbol is placed at the top left of the quote, framing the text and drawing attention to it.
  • The quote text is centered and in a white font, which contrasts sharply with the darker hues of the background image.
  • The author's name, "Kenneth Clark," and the source, "Civilisation," are italicized and placed at the lower right of the quote for attribution.
  • There are white, thin horizontal lines above and below the quote contributing to the visual structure and balance of the slide.
  • The slide employs a simple, elegant layout with ample whitespace around the text, giving the design a clean and professional look.

The slide projects a sense of professionalism and introspection, using the contrast between the text and background to make the quote stand out. The cityscape implies a connection between the quote and modern urban life or organization.

Use Cases

  • To begin discussions or presentations on societal values and the psychology of communities.
  • To emphasize the theme of organizational culture and the impact of attitudes on business success.
  • To introduce topics in philosophy, ethics, or corporate responsibility within a business setting.
  • To use as a transitional or reflective slide during a conference or seminar dealing with urban development, leadership, or change management.

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