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Business-Specific KPI Dashboard Examples
from deck Dashboard Layouts for Executive Data Report Presentation (PPT Template)

Business-Specific KPI Dashboard Examples

Slide Content

The slide presents an overview of "Business-Specific KPI Dashboard Examples" with a subtitle emphasizing that these are editable data charts driven by Excel tables. The slide suggests the provision of key performance indicator (KPI) examples related to specific business areas such as Finance, Sales, B2C Retail, and Human Resources. Each area represents vital aspects of business operations: Finance covers monetary performance, Sales reflects revenue-generating activities, B2C Retail pertains to direct consumer sales metrics, and HR KPIs gauge workforce management effectiveness.

Graphical Look

  • A large, bold, white font is used for the slide title, "Business-Specific KPI Dashboard Examples," which is centered and spans almost the entire width of the slide.
  • The subtitle "Executive Summary of Finance, Sales, B2C Retail, HR KPIs" is presented in smaller white font below the main title.
  • Above the title, there is a smaller text "Editable data charts, Excel table driven," describing the functionality of the dashboard examples.
  • The background of the slide is a gradient of light to darker blue from the top left to the bottom right.
  • There is an overarching blue banner that intersects the slide from the bottom left corner, behind the title, and extends outward to the right in a stylized ribbon shape.
  • The overall visual composition of the slide is clean and modern, with the contrasting sizes in fonts drawing attention to the main title and subtitle.
  • The use of gradient background with a singular color theme and minimal text provides a professional and crisp visual aesthetic.

The slide has a sleek, corporate design with a restrained color palette focused on different tones of blue, which conveys professionalism and clarity.

Use Cases

  • Business meetings where company performance is being reviewed, and clear, quantifiable metrics need to be presented.
  • Training sessions where employees or stakeholders are being educated on the importance of different KPIs and how to measure them using dashboards.
  • Strategy planning sessions where insights from various business areas are synthesized to inform decision-making processes.
  • Investor or stakeholder presentations where a snapshot of the company's performance metrics is required to provide transparency and trust.

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