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Business risks and opportunities of Global Warming slide
from deck Climate Change Impacts & Business Actions (PPT Template)

Business Risks and Opportunities of Global Warming

Slide Content

The slide contrasts the risks and opportunities that global warming presents for businesses. The risks include assets worth $4tn at risk from climate change by 2030, potentially up to 6% of GDP losses by 2050 showing impacts such as fierce competition for resources, limited business growth in areas prone to supply chain disruptions, and loss of company value and stakeholder confidence. Opportunities highlight the ability of businesses to drive change, a $5.5tn estimated global market for low-carbon goods, the capacity of companies to invest in improving their bottom line, and the expectations of investors and customers for companies to adapt.

Graphical Look

  • Two main content sections with headers "Risks" and "Opportunities," each with their own bullet-pointed lists.
  • A warning icon and a lightbulb icon associated with the "Risks" and "Opportunities" sections, respectively.
  • Colored backgrounds of icons: orange for "Risks" and green for "Opportunities."
  • A vertical gray divider separates the two sections.
  • The slide title is prominently displayed at the top in large font.
  • Source information provided at the bottom-right corner.

The slide has a balanced and clear visual composition, using contrasting colors and icons to differentiate between risks and opportunities. The use of icons and color coding helps convey the positive and negative aspects associated with global warming for businesses.

Use Cases

  • To educate stakeholders on the potential financial impact of climate change on business assets and growth.
  • To present a strategic business plan addressing the challenges and market opportunities related to global warming.
  • To use in environmental sustainability presentations to showcase how businesses can contribute to mitigating climate risks.
  • For investor briefings, illustrating how a company plans to hedge against climate-related risks and capitalize on new market trends.

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