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Three steps process of setting up a business shown with spiral chart
from deck Spiral Flow Charts & Spring Diagrams (PPT template)

Example: 3 Steps Process of Setting up a Business

Slide Content

The slide outlines a step-by-step approach to establishing a new business and focuses on three key actions. "Choose Business Structure" is the initial step, which involves deciding between a sole proprietorship, partnership, or corporation, highlighting the importance of selecting the right legal framework. The second step, "Obtain Tax ID Number," suggests visiting the IRS website to obtain the ID for free, emphasizing the necessity to handle taxation matters. The final step, "Obtain Licenses and Permits," underscores the requirement for state-specific professional licenses, like those for real estate or insurance agents, essential for legal operations.

Graphical Look

  • The slide features a straight pathway with a grey zigzag pattern that symbolizes the process of setting up a business, with three main stops highlighted by colored circles and accompanying icons.
  • Three icons are utilized to represent each step visually: a briefcase for "Choose Business Structure," an ID card for "Obtain Tax ID Number," and a checkmark within a document for "Obtain Licenses and Permits."
  • The step titles and associated descriptions are provided in rectangular text boxes adjacent to the corresponding icons; these boxes have a shaded header section with the title and a lighter area for the description.
  • Each icon is encircled by a differently colored ring— green for the first step, orange for the second, and blue for the third— which corresponds with the colored circle on the process path.

The slide has a modern, clean design with a balance of text, icons, and a prominent process pathway, making it visually engaging and easy to follow. The color scheme and visual elements effectively guide a viewer along the steps in a business setup process.

Use Cases

  • This slide could be used in presentations for entrepreneurship workshops or seminars to illustrate the foundational steps of starting a new business.
  • It serves as an educational resource for business development courses, helping students understand the required legal and administrative steps to legally establish a company.
  • Business consultants could use this slide to discuss the setup process with clients who are new to business ownership.
  • It may also be utilized in investor or stakeholder meetings to outline the preparation stages before launching a startup or new venture.

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